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    Larkspur the Birth Flower of July

    Larkspur meaning

    Larkspur belonging to the genus Delphinium is the birth flower of July.  The scientific name “delphinium” was coined from a Latin word “dolphin”, as the nectar of the flower is shaped like a dolphin. There are around 300 species of Larkspur with unique floral design- a gift of nature. Larkspurs are both annual and perennial herbs commonly called ‘buttercup’ and scientifically known to be of the Ranunculaceae family. What does Larkspur, the birth flower of July signifies? Larkspur usually comes…

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    Roses are Birth Flowers of June

    Roses, who doesn’t love them?  The symbol of love, passion, beauty and innocence, roses can express your true feelings of the time. Roses have been used in the Victorian times to…

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    Cattleya an aromatic flower of May

    Cattleya an aromatic flower of May begins blooming with its lovely colors in May. Also known as ‘corsage orchid’ as in olden days fashionable ladies used Cattleya as corsage in weddings…

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    Daises-the April Birth Flower

    Daisies-the April Birth flower The flower with lustrous rainbow colors, sweet scent are daisies-the April birth flower. This is the time when spring is full bloom symbolizing happiness and joy. It…