Iron-rich vegetable broccoli to keep you healthy and happy

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The iron-rich vegetable broccoli is a highly preferred vegetable these days. Do we know that 3% man, 50% pregnant women and 20% of women are deficient in iron? Yet, there is the right kind of meat, fish, fruit and vegetable that fulfills your body’s requirement. Let us see how broccoli one of our favorite vegetables can provide us enough iron.


Type of iron in the iron-rich vegetable broccoli

Unlike iron from meat, fish, liver, poultry that are sources of heme or originally hemoglobin containing iron broccoli like other vegetables contain non-heme iron, terms used by scientists. Although heme iron is absorption is 25% compared to non-heme of 16-20%, about 90% of iron required by our body is through non-heme sources.  Broccoli belonging to the family Brassicaceae or Cruciferae is one of the wonderful sources of iron.

The nutrition of iron-rich vegetable broccoli

Broccoli is rich in nutrients that balance a diet. It has sufficient quantities of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Broccoli only provides 34 Kcal from 100 g and no cholesterol at all. The percentage of nutrients meets sufficient quantities of the recommended Dietary Allowances of major and minor nutrients set by the Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences to retain health. It is in short called RDA and is followed by dieticians all over the world. The RDA figures is a guideline to follow how much one can take from different sources to reach 100 percent.

Major Nutrition and % RDA Equivalence

Major Nutrient Content in In Broccoli

Nutrition equivalence

Percent RDA equivalence

Iron-rich broccoli has high vitamins

Iron-rich Broccoli is full of vitamins                                                The % RDA of Iron derived from Broccoli is 9

The significance of Vitamin C in Broccoli

Broccoli provides 0.73 mg iron in 100 g. The benefit of iron dense vegetable broccoli is complemented by its dense minerals, electrolytes and vitamin con content. In 100 g there are 8.9 units of Vitamin C which make up 149% of RDA. This is very important as iron in broccoli has to be solubilized and Vitamin C in Broccoli is a solvent that naturally acts in break iron and helps in absorption. Doctors, therefore, recommend you to add orange and lemon juice with your iron-rich vegetable broccoli salad and dishes.

Sodiumpotassium balance

Iron-rich vegetable Broccoli has sufficient sodium-potassium

Benefits of broccoli to health

  1. Prevents cancer by boosting the immune system
  2. Strong anti-oxidant that prevent damage of cells
  3. Reduces inflammation through blood flow to injuries
  4. Keeps bone strong-prevent osteoporosis
  5. Reduces cholesterol of blood
  6. Helps overcome tiredness and fatigue
  7. Maintains a potassium sodium ionic balance

So, now you know why you feel weak and tired? It is because the iron or hemoglobin content in your blood is low. And to make up the hemoglobin you need the right food. To a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian broccoli is a tasty food when stir fried with tofu, boiled with other vegetables or fish; with touches of condiments. After knowing these qualities who wouldn’t want to try iron- rich vegetable broccoli to keep healthy and happy!

  brocoli anorange juice

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