Benefits of exfoliating your skin with natural scrubs


Benefits of exfoliating your skin with natural scrubs

The benefits of exfoliating your skin cannot be overemphasized when we are exposed to dusty dirt, polluted air and industrial waste as we walk off from home every day.  The air pores of the skin close air lose free circulation and cells of the skin die. The result is dead cell and pigmentation all over the face. Aging is also a reason of air pore blockages and dead cells requiring exfoliation or to say removal by special skin care.  Your face puts up a layer of dead cells that loses the natural luster and glow of your skin. But this can’t stay long because you really don’t want to feel depressed without a glow and brightness in your face?

pigmantation ofskin

Won’t you like to take the benefits of exfoliating your skin to get rid of pigments?

Exfoliate your face and skin

The answer is exfoliation? So what is exfoliation? Simply exfoliation is the process of removing the old dead skins underneath which lies fresh beneath undergoes renewal. Removal or exfoliation allows revealing of the fresh, young skin below. It further removes the dull, dry, dead skin above.

How can you exfoliate?

The benefits of exfoliating your skin can be by using two methods of exfoliation? One is physical and the other is chemical. Physical exfoliation is just removing the dirt by rubbing with brush, sponge and facial scrub. Chemical exfoliation revives the skin by dissolving the cells of dead skin with mild chemical substances. Many kind of exfoliates are available but the best would be to use your homemade natural product to avoid any extra worries that chemicals may cause you. Before I suggest a few exfoliates, let’s talk about how simple the process.

exfoliate with natural scrubs

Your face will look attractive with exfoliation with a natural scrub

The process, to get the benefits of exfoliating you skin

It is better to exfoliate your whole body and just not only your face. That will give the freshness and rejuvenation. To do so you will need the following

  • Homemade exfoliating cleanser
  • Gloves
  • Body brush or loofah
  • Pumice stone for your feet
  • Your favorite body lotion


  1. Choose morning for getting the benefits of exfoliating your skin as the process requires the skin repair during the day and rebuild at night.
  2. Before a bath, brush your skin with pumice stone, loofah or brush and work upward. Avoid a time when your skin is sunburn or have cuts and wounds. You may soak your feet ahead to soften your skin.
  3. Pour the previously made exfoliating scrub cleanser in the loofah or brush and apply in circular motion starting from the bottom of the feet. Apply your body and hand in soft motions so you don’t injure your skin. Each of our skin in fact is different so you the right care for you.
  4. Use a long brush for your back, probably needing more motions as swift showers results in accumulation of more layers of dead cells.
  5. Use a gentler product for your face and slower, smoother upward motions.
  6. Shower and rinse your body with lukewarm water to give you a cool, fresh feeling.
  7. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  8. Apply body moisturizer and face moisturizer as your skin will now feel dry.

Natural exfoliate scrubs can be used at the back with a little help or long brush

10 Benefits of exfoliating your skin

  • Remove clogged pores of skin
  • Good for dry and rough skin
  • Removes blemishes
  • Protects hyper pigmentation
  • Shields aging
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Reveals young, healthy skin
  • Brightens complexion
  • Gives a gorgeous glow to your body
  • Provides a younger look.

Some natural exfoliate recipe

1.                  Lemon sugar scrub


  • Granulated /organic sugar          1 teaspoon
  • Fresh orange or lemon                2 drops
  • Water                                              a few drops to mix
  • Rose petals for flavor                1 petal smashed

Make enough for neck and hands


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Add to your face gently with upward motion. Do not add to eyelid or below eyes. Massage for a few minutes. Rinse with cool water, pat dry. Add a moisturizer.

acnee scrub

Lemon sugar-orange scrub

banana scrubjpg

Banana scrub for sensitive skin

2.                  Banana fruit scrub


  • Ripe banana 1 medium size
  • Milk 1 Tablespoon
  • Oatmeal 1 teaspoon
  • Honey Few drops


Mash the banana well. Mix the ingredients and make it into a paste. Apply evenly to the face, neck and hands. Leave for 10 to fifteen minutes. As it is for sensitive skin, rub gently with your fingers to remove the impurities of the skin. Wash off with lukewarm water. Pat dry and apply a moisturizer.

The benefits of exfoliating your skin can only be felt and visualized if you use these natural exfoliate once a week. Keeping healthy is taking care of your skin and a glowing complexion, no what your shade is. Enjoy your presence with a beautiful glowing skin. More next time!


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