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Five Food Types that Help You Slim


Five Food Types that Help You Slim

Want to stay slim by losing weight? Wouldn’t you love to have a slender, fit body without worrying whenever it is time to eat? A beautiful figure with enough stamina is your desire, indeed!  A common concern of overweight is added with our guilt of unawareness about to foods that keep us trim. Unfortunately, the reason is that most of us live on an unplanned diet. When we choose to minimize our diet in order to lose weight, we completely ignore the potential health-related consequences that are soon to follow.


Keeping slim is sign of beauty and fitness

How to keep slim and lose weight

A wise person keeps in mind that the goal should not simply be a slim body, but a healthy one, fit and energetic all at the same time. Staying healthy will obviously require a balanced diet, but there are common misconceptions about what a healthy diet is? Some believe that healthy foods are not tasty, or can never give the satisfaction of filling your stomach. But in truth, it is possible to tackle both the pangs of hunger and not becoming overweight at the same time. The trick is to know the key to losing weight and continue to remain fit. Loss of weight will occur when you burn more calories than you take in. So, here are some selected foods to add to your meal and still satisfy your hunger pangs and lose extra weight.

1. Select fruits to slim down

Fruits are known to help lose weight while filling your stomach. Fruits contain little carbohydrate, fat or protein that increases body weight. Fruits are sources of vitamins, minerals, and fibers that regulate the metabolic functions.  Apples and pears offer high fiber, especially if eaten solid rather than juiced. Having grapefruit before your meals is another great way to minimize fat as it burns off calories.  Avocado eaten in moderation is known to calm hunger as in contains certain healthy fats. Blueberries contain low calories, are fibrous and are an important antioxidant source. Equally important are fruits with high water content. Fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and oranges fill you up but add a lot of vitamins and minerals. We should keep in mind yellow, red, blue colored fruits do not only help lose weight but gives plenty of carotenes and other therapeutic agents that strengthen the immune system. And a glass of fruit juice anytime is a thirst quencher!

berries are slimming fruits

Berries has plenty of anti oxidants that cuts weight and keeps you slim

2. Lose weight by adding vegetables to your diet

You simply cannot plan a health-related diet and not expect an expect to be slim if vegetables are not added. Broccoli, cabbages, cauliflowers, lettuce and countless other veggies can add all kinds of healthy nutrients to your diet and with minimal calories. You can easily fill up your belly with just vegetables without having to worry about your calorie intake at all. Although a lot of people would agree that the taste of most vegetables is not of a quality sought after in the food, adding some creativity and proper seasoning mix can make a pretty tasty veggie meal. Mushrooms considered a veggie can be added to your regular diet as it has no fat, low in carbohydrate and a qualitative source of protein. Mushrooms can be added to your vegetable mix to balance your diet with the protein and minerals you need. Vegetables containing fibers clears the bowels, removes fat and help you lose weight.

mixed vegetables

Mixed vegetables are sources of fibers that help you keep slim

3. Whole grains for losing weight

A 100% whole grain food should be an essential addition to your diet if you’re aiming to lose weight. Equally, whole grain balances blood sugar levels, Cooking grains with milk, while adding a negligible amount of calories, can make an easy, healthy and yet tasty treat. Whole grains that haven’t gone through processing and are non-refined will be more effective in your weight-loss crusade. Whole grains such as brown rice, whole oats, barley, and buckwheat are highly recommended sources of carbohydrate to keep weight under control.

4. Lean meat and fish? Still, lose weight and stay slim

Meat is a favorite food for many us. If you want to stay slim it does not mean that you should give up meat. Lean meat i.e. meat without fat are sources of protein that are abundant in nutrients without adding insignificant amounts of fat. A diet with all kinds of fish is preferred when one plans to lose weight. Fish is always the best source of protein with a good source of fat. One of the leanest sources of protein is found in salmon. It keeps you feeling full for hours and yet contains comparatively fewer calories. Due to its Omega 3 fatty acid content, it also helps calm hunger with a controlled level of consumption. According to studies eat tuna, lean beef or chicken breast as they offer lots of proteins, reducing craving for high-calorie food. Surprisingly, unprocessed red meat is healthier and more beneficial to weight loss than one would believe.

rice and fish keeps you fit

A balanced meal is essential to keep slim and healthy

5. Alternate sources of protein

While meat and fish are obvious good sources of protein, eggs, soybeans are good examples of protein filled power foods. Egg yolks contain pretty high levels of fat, calories and cholesterol.  It is recommended that you separate egg yolk and only eat the egg white, which contains lots of protein in addition to calcium. Tofu and soymilk made from soya beans are good sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans. Black beans are other great sources of protein, which also has packs of fibers. Maintaining a high protein diet can help you burn up to a hundred more calories per day.

These are only a few examples of the sort of food you should stick to if you plan to lose weight and stay healthy. Keep track of how many calories you intake every day.  Make sure that you are not tired and have the stamina to keep up your lifestyle. Walk and do physical exercise to burn off the calories you may have gained. A slim person with a natural smile is always graceful.

So, you can have plenty in your platter and still slender and slim.

strawberry juicefor slimming

Any fruit juice is thirst quencher and helps you keep slim

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