Organic Hair Care in Summer

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A perfect hair care strategy will always end up in a fresh look.  Imagine how you would feel with your hair styled and clean on a summer morning. The appearance of clean lustrous hair both of a female or male is refreshing to one’s  mind.  So how can we keep the trend of fashion, beat the environmental blows, the unhealthy food that you take and still not spoil our hair? Who after all doesn’t want to be attractive and handsome with a glow and luster added through hair care?

What does the hair need?

Healthy hair or the best hair care just doesn’t mean a daily hair wash with expensive shampoo and conditioner. Let’s look at the key requirements one at a time.

Food for Hair Care

The basis of lustrous locks of hair is your diet or the food you take.  Your diet must be complete with some essential elements, minerals, vitamins that your hair constantly needs. Doctors recommend inclusion of a number nutritious source in your food plan if you really care for your hair.

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A balanced diet is important for hair care strategy

Water for Hair Care

Water is an important element for all your organs and so is for your hair.  Drink plenty of water to prevent dryness of hair. The quality of the water you wash your hair with also affects hair health. Hard water containing too much chlorine, iron, fluoride, minerals does not allow the soap to lather and clean the dirt off.  Besides our hair does not like too much acidity or alkalinity and so a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5 of soaps and conditioners you use is best for your hair.

Hair Cut

No matter what hair style suits you, your hair needs occasional cuts and trims, especially because the hair tends to split at the end. This happens due to pollution or the soap and shampoo you use does suit the texture of your hair. The weather, too much sunray, dandruff also cause overall stress to the hair.  Hair cut is also closely tied to efficient management if you have a busy schedule to pay attention to your hair as often as you should. Plus an attractive hairstyle brings dignity and confidence.

Some Hair Treatments

Just like the intake of specific foods has importance for healthy hair, your hair needs external treatment too.  There are innumerable complains of hair by both teenagers and conscious men and women.  Split ends, hair loss (both men and women) dry, dull hair, not enough shine dandruff is some common botherations mentioned when the topic of hair comes up. Many kinds of hair treatments and artificially produced hair lotions, conditioners are available in the market that is expected to give quick solutions. But today, I would like to give some organic tips for hair care that will prove to be healthier in the long run. These are homemade packs taken from the gifts of nature. Try a few easy ones and see the difference!

I.    Control of split ends

1.      Egg, honey and olive oil

Beat an egg; add a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil to make it into a paste. Apply this hair mask thoroughly to your scalp and all over your hair. Cover with a hair cap and let it stay 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off well with water and a mild shampoo.


Organic hair care with an easy to make hair mask

2.      Papaya and Yogurt

Cut a cup of green papaya into pieces and blend well. Add half cup of sugar free yogurt and mix thoroughly. Apply in all corners of your scalp and hair. Keep for 10 -15 minutes. Wash it off and feel the lustrous glow.

II. Hair Care to prevent Loss

1.      Aloe Vera

Peel off the green part of the Aloe Vera leaf that is at least 2 years old. Collect the pulp of Aloe Vera, a wonder herb and apply the jelly like substance to the scalp and hair. You may keep it for an hour or overnight to get the full effect. Wash off. Aloe Vera not only reduces hair fall but keeps your scalp healthy. This treatment can be done at weekly intervals.

2.      Fenugreek seed

Soak fenugreek/methi seed overnight. Make it into a paste. Apply to scalp and cover your head for about an hour. Rinse it off. Fenugreek seed contains protein and nicotinic acid that boosts hair growth. This treatment can be done for 2 months and once a week.

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Prevent Hair loss with proper hair care

3.      Onion

Blend fresh onion and squeeze off the juice. Apply to your scalp and leave for 30-40 minutes. Wash off to a clean bunch of hair. The sulfur content of onion, removes bacterial infection, allows blood circulation and revives the hair follicles.

III. Massaging oil for Hair Care

1.      Olive oil

Warm enough olive oil to cover your scalp and hair. Massage well. Keep it overnight. Rinse it off with a light shampoo in the morning. Olive oil has been known for maintenance of skin and so does it give your hair a radiant look. Pure coconut, mustard and other oils can also be used for massaging.

2.      Coconut oil and Hibiscus

Heat 15 to 20 Hibiscus flowers in half cup of coconut oil. Cool and strain the oil. Apply lavishly to your hair and massage your scalp. Leave overnight and rinse off in the morning.  This is an organic herbal hair care concoction that has been used for ages for long beautiful hair. The hair oil can be bottled and used over time.

Despite all the hair care techniques you use, your hair needs to be protected from the scorching sun, blowing dirt and dust. So, on a summer day, adorn yourself with a pretty scarf or hide your hair under your favorite hat. Have a happy day!

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Protect your hair from the scorching sun

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