Larkspur the Birth Flower of July

Larkspur meaning

Larkspur belonging to the genus Delphinium is the birth flower of July.  The scientific name “delphinium” was coined from a Latin word “dolphin”, as the nectar of the flower is shaped like a dolphin. There are around 300 species of Larkspur with unique floral design- a gift of nature. Larkspurs are both annual and perennial herbs commonly called ‘buttercup’ and scientifically known to be of the Ranunculaceae family.

Delphinium_nuttallianum or Larkspur

Larkspur the Birth flower of July

What does Larkspur, the birth flower of July signifies?

Larkspur usually comes in pink, violet, white and pink colors, the violet ones are more common. Florists have denoted Larkspurs to July births in many ways.  The Delphinium symbolizes fun loving, bigheartedness, cheerful and passionate.  But what is more… the white colored larkspur denote ‘happy-go-lucky’ and joyful, the pink meaning ‘fickleness’ and the violet suggests a person with a ‘sweet disposition’.

Flowers build relationship

For ages human beings have used flowers to express moments of joy and sadness. Flowers are integral part of a society irrespective of class or religion. Flowers have been attached to build relationships of friendship, expression of love, sorrow and many a times reconciliation. That is why we decorate our homes with flowers during celebrations such as weddings, deaths and birthdays or even as drop in gifts. Flowers are a unique way of saying ‘hello’ or ‘I love you’ and so are larkspur the birth flower of July.

Larkspur meaning

Larkspur the birth flower of July, personifies seven attributes

What Does the Larkspur Flower Mean?

Flowers play diverse role in human life representing a unique meaning.  Delphinium the flower of July symbolizes open heartedness, humorous and passionate. What’s more…the white colored larkspur denotes happy-go-lucky, the purple goes with a sweet personality and the pink expresses fickleness. Larkspur is associated with love, strong attachment, affection light-heartedness and purity of heart, a sweet temperament and the desire to laugh.

Benefits of Larkspur, birth flower of July

Larkspur is known to be an ingredient in a number of medicines to treat asthma, sleeping problem and as an astringent. Despite this, because of its poisonous effect, florists recommend that it glorify your garden with its appealing color and floral beauty. A garden full of Larkspur the birth flower of July is sure to relax your body and mind. Have a happy birthday!

# colors of Larkspur

The three colors of Larkspur beautify the home garden

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