Nutrients in eggs- quail eggs can be your choice

Bird and egg

Quail eggs are a delicacy in many parts of the world such as North America and the Indian state of Kerala. The Japanese sometimes take raw or cooked as tamago in sushi or found in lunches for its health benefits. Did you know that one quail egg is one-fifth the size of a chicken egg? So if you craving for eggs and you want to avoid the so-called cholesterol intake, two quail eggs are enough to fulfill your appetite.  The look of it echoes “small is beautiful!”

The Quail Egg

Eggs are the most delicious, nutritious and the healthiest food on earth. An egg is known as “nature’s multivitamin. An egg is an egg no matter what the size– small, medium or large. So, won’t’ you consider a quail egg to relish instead of a chicken egg? Have you seen one? It is like a marble, a child would like to play with. The shape is an oval and yes it is only 9 grams compared to a chicken egg of 50 grams.

Bird and egg of Quial

Quail eggs are taken as delicacy

The Nutrition of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are small in size and so 5 eggs are equivalent to 1medium chicken egg in weight.  The egg yolk being slightly bigger to yolk lover it is tastier. That makes quail a bit higher in cholesterol. But, the yolk has more of ‘good cholesterol’ of HDL compared to chicken eggs. So that makes it good for the heart.

Quail eggs have no carbohydrate and sugar. The eggs contain slightly higher fat, protein, and calories compared to an equal weight of 100 gram of chicken egg. The goodness of quail eggs is however in larger contents of some vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are essential for health. Quail eggs have higher amounts of calcium, selenium, and zinc that are valuable in metabolic functions.

Why should you have quail eggs?

One good reason is that 2-3 three eggs of 36g will satisfy you instead of 50g of one chicken. If you are allergic to eggs, quail egg is for you. Scientists have found that quail eggs actually fights allergy symptoms due to ovo mucoid proteins one of the 3 proteins found in egg white. In the US, chicken and hen egg is known to cause an allergenic effect in 1.6 percent of children. Above all quail is known to improve mental health and IQ of children.

nutrients in quail

Nutrients in quail eggs compared to chicken eggs

What do the doctors say?

Although the Ancient Egyptians and Chines used quail egg also known as “Coturnix egg” for the treatment of asthma. In the 60’ the French found the quail for treating allergens.

Quail egg was used in Ancient Egyptian times and the Chinese dynasties for treatments of asthma and several other illnesses.  In 1960 French quail breeder tested quail eggs for treatment and cured for allergens. Dr. Truffier observed sharp effects of quail eggs as a therapeutic agent. A specialist in quail, Dr. Gerard Lucotte confirmed that quail could defeat asthma.

Did you know quail egg is used as a vaccine? The Ovo mucoid protein of quail contains an inhibitor of trypsin produced in human beings. In combination with trypsin, these act as natural inhibitors and have a powerful influence on asthma. But it is interesting that as quail eggs have higher body temperature and higher lysozyme, it kills bacteria. So, raw quail egg is a good way of benefiting the therapeutic effect without worrying about salmonella.

Quail eggs are often colored and used in decorations of savory, sweet dishes, children’s Birthday and Easter baskets.

Benefits of Quail Eggs to Health

Studies and observation worldwide have revealed the benefits of these tiny eggs if consumed regularly.  Yes, we can surely say if no overnight benefits are there is no harm in adding to your breakfast.

10 benefits of quail eggs

  • Keep lungs healthy
  • Promote mental health and memory
  • Combat digestive disorders
  • Prevent stomach ulcer
  • Prevent asthma, tuberculosis
  • Prevent and remove gall bladder, liver, kidney stones
  • Increase hemoglobin of blood
  • Fights cancer
  • Remove toxins from body
  • Strengthens nervous system

One a day quail egg is a wise way to choose to get the essential ingredients in a regular diet. Enjoy quail eggs in salads. Will be here next time on the delicacy of quail bird meat!

toad stools salad with quail eggs

Quail egg salad starter

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