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Pest control through biodynamic cropping


8 Benefits of flowers in biodynamic farming

Pest control through biodynamic cropping is a new concept of controlling pests. Who would like to spray obnoxious, health damaging, environment degrading chemicals if there are plants and flowers that woo away insects and pests? Yes, there are abundantly available in nature. We need to find the right ones at the optimum season to be companion plants of our crops and gardens. Let us see what the concept means and how companion flower gardening is a beautiful way to enforce pest control through biodynamic cropping.

Biodynamic agriculture—pest control through biodynamic cropping

The concept developed as early as the 1920’s as an initiative of organic farming, biodynamic agriculture is an alternative method of using suitable and diverse flowering plants that repel harmful insects or attracts useful ones. Isn’t that interesting? You can both have your food garden and enjoy the colored beauty and fragrance. Thanks to Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) who used esoteric or unconventional ideas that use local breeds, cultures, crops, herbals, animals and soil amendments in a single system a philosophy called “anthroposophy”. To go further into a higher level of biodynamic farming has a spiritual aspect where the stage of the moon and stars are related to variety and planting time. In short is a whole farm, ecosystem-centric and ethical approach to farming for food, nutrition and gardening. As the subject is wide we will, however, mention a few flowering plants that can be used for pest control through biodynamic cropping.

5 Flowers that are companion plants in biodynamic agriculture.


8 Benefits of biodynamic cropping with flowers

The reasons are many and the implications are tremendous to health and environment. The most obvious reasons are:

  • Creates plant diversity, crop rotation,
  • Co-culture of various macro and micro –environment of animal life
  • Helps organic composting
  • Share nutrients
  • Aroma of flowers detoxifies environment
  • Medicinal effect on harmful pests
  • Attraction of beneficial insects such as bees, ladybirds, butterflies
  • An ethical and philosophical approach using the influence of cosmic forces-moon, seasonal impact on farming.

Flowers in biodynamic farming

All flowering plants lead to a new generation. From today’s simple introduction we would like to mention a few common flowers that not only give us joy but add to pest control through biodynamic cropping. The active ingredients that give flowers the flavor and aroma are either repelling or attractive to some pests and organisms. This is how pest control through biodynamic cropping can be achieved. Even the color and design of flower attract or distract insects. Thus, it is important to know which crop species would be a good companion to ascertain flowering plant in your garden. These flowering plants can be grown as borders, intercrops, remote crops or in between crop seasons.

Nature’s gift that provides food, nutrition, the medicinal ingredients for heath and happiness are essential for a healthy and happy life. Let’s learn to take the best from nature and the environment.

toamto with marigold

Marigold, a companion  crop of tomato –controls best in biodynamic farming

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