Healthy pickled cabbage salad to add to your lifestyle


Pickled cabbage salad

Salads every day! Nothing new. Tomatoes, cucumber, onions, and lots and lots of dressings.  Rich, oily or creamy mayonnaise dressing on top! Sprinkled with salt and pepper to adjust to your tongue.  Imagine the guilt every time you start your meal with all that rich oily dressings. As if you can’t get the taste and the vitamins without the toppings. No, you don’t have to add all the rich creamy stuff! Neither do you have to cut out the vegetable every day? One day’s work is enough to last a week of a month. And, with a difference in taste and flavor!  Healthy, no fat, no cholesterol!  That is what pickled cabbage salald. Isn’t it lovely to change your appetizer and style of having salad to pickled cabbage salad for a change?

The Recipe

Recipe of pickled cabbage salad

Pickled cabbage salad to add to your lifestyle

Method of making pickled cabbage salad

1. Shred the cabbage in small long strand and place in a strained container.

2.  Leave for some time to drain off water to almost dry.

3.  Remove it glass jars or airtight pickle containers

4. Sprinkle salt and let stand for about an hour.

4. In a saucepan, add water, vinegar, honey or sugar and ground peppercorn

5. Let the mixture boil for a few minutes.

6. Pour on the jars containing the shredded cabbage

7. Cover the jars and let it cool.

8. Take out portions to sprinkle on your favorite food or salad bowl without the brine

9. Refrigerate your pickled cabbage salad to last you one month


Benefits of Pickling

Pickling vegetables retain the minerals, vitamins and the phytonutrients necessary for a healthy diet. The color that makes food appetizing is retained. Pickling also gives a different flavor and can be changed by use of specific spices. The change of taste brings diversity in the food habit. Pickled cabbage salad is sure to bring happiness in eating a nutrient rich vegetable.

There you have pickled cabbage salad. Really tastes crunchy. You can prepare a dish with nuts and greens for a fuller diet. Happy dining!!

red cabbage salad

Pickled red cabbage salad is lasting.

salad dish with nuts.

Add nuts and greens to pickled cabbage salad to make a full meal


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