10 Proven Ways to Get Rid Of Dark Circles


Magical tips for removing dark circles

Dark circles–upsetting shadowing darkness under your eyes. What an embarrassing feeling! Yes, it can happen to anyone of any age once or more in a lifetime. For kids, it happens if they’re sick or has simply recovered from ill health or is stressed on their daily routine. In adults, dark circles are attributable to genetics, aging, skin complications, sleeping disorder, emotional and mental stress and over activities.

Dark-Circles hurts your personal image

Dark cirles are upsetting

Dark circles may become permanent if not taken care as soon as it gets your attention. It can be eliminated by using certain techniques either externally or internally or by both. Taking care of the circles by external application or intake of right food reduces the dark circles making you look fresh.  Our appearance and our expression build confidence in our personal or professional life. So, let us how we can get rid of dark circles and give ourselves an admirable presence. Here are some magical tips.

1. Apply almond oil

The best thing about almond oil is that it is appropriate to all skin types. It is often used by renowned salons for aroma and massage therapy. Rich in Vitamin E, you can put a little of it over the skin under your eyes and massage it tenderly. Within a fortnight, you will see improvements. Continue to apply until it disappears.

2. Rose water 

Rose water has always been a traditional aesthetic extract with “magical” properties that benefits the body. In case of treating dark circles, it is fantastic; you can take small cotton pads and saturate them with rose water, close your eyes and apply above and below. Do this for 10 minutes every few days or regularly to see magnificent results.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also essential in reducing the bagginess under your eyes. It is suggested by doctors to treat the scars of burn patients.  Coconut oil also works well for dark circles. Massage it in the specified area and keep it like that for an hour or two. Results will be slow but satisfactory so be patient for some months and you will eventually be happy.

4. Apply vegetables

Besides eating, vegetables are good for the external care of the body. Cucumber can be used to treat the bags under your eyes that give dark circles. You can apply as follows: cut thick slices of a chilled cucumber, that is, garden-fresh, lie down, close your eyes and put in on your eyes. Keep for 5-10 minutes and then wash your eyes with water, do this every day for 10 days to see good results. Moreover, potatoes come in handy too; you can shred or grind them and collect the juice. Likewise, use small cotton pads and soak it in the juice and place it over your eyes. Leave it for 12-15 minutes and wash your face and eyes. Apply every day of the week and keep doing it until you see positive results. These can be made into a pack with honey and applied to the face for a glowing skin.

Face-Pack of Tomato Yogurt-And-Lemon-Juice removes dark circles

lemon and tomato juice removes dark circles

5. Vitamin C sources

Ascorbic acid found in Vitamin C lightens the color of the skin and protects from cell damage. It is present in both tomato and lemon and lots of other fruits and vegetables. You can extract the juice of these two and mix them together, apply under your eyes. To add to that, you should be aware that it should not get in your eyes to avoid a burning sensation.

6. Eating Habit

Lifestyle changes along with eating habit can also help to reduce the darkening of the skin under your eyes. Consume more vegetables, especially leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce, celery, jute leaf,    and many more.  You can add to your diet garden-fresh fruits that are abundant in antioxidant. These include banana, avocado, oranges, apple, peach, etc. To prevent your body from dehydration drink at least 2-3-liter water on a daily basis.

7. Salt

Salt promotes sweating, which has a toxin in it.  Leaving sweat to dry on your skin actually can contribute to the skin darkening, so you should wipe off your sweat whenever you are perspiring.

8. Caffeine

Do you drink too much tea or coffee? Or smoke cigarettes? Too much caffeine intake is harmful to you in many ways. So does it in enhancing dark circles! Try to quit smoking and reduce the number of times you drink tea or coffee. Instead drink fruit and vegetable juices.

9. Relax and rest 

Most significantly, try and sleep additional hours. Take adequate rest and relax. When sleeping, make sure your head is raised up; this will prevent fluid accumulation and retain the freshness in your face.If there is any tension or complication in your life, take it lightly, solve it with ease because stressing yourself will actually make things worse for you and for your body. Dark circles are signs of stress.

10. Protect from sunlight

Whenever you decide to go out in the sun, make sure you have applied sunscreen cream/ointment and wear a sunglass. The tinted sunglass will filter the UV rays which are harmful to your skin.

couple-wearing-sunglasses to protect from sunlight

Sunglasses protects your eyes from getting dark circles

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