7 Ways To Maintain a Healthy Skin


Tips for Healthy Skin

Healthy, glossy and beautiful skin is a dream of every beauty conscious girl. You may have tried your skin to glow in many ways at different times. But the things I am going to share today, with you will bring a super change into your skin and make you look more fair and clean. Do you want to know how to maintain your skin when you have to go out in the blazing sun and dusty roads? The tips below will surely be helpful to you.

Ways to Maintain Your Skin

It is not your age that may make your skin rough and tough. Whatever your age, your profession or your lifestyle, your skin needs care.  However as the years in your life increases, your skin and body needs more attention. It is for your satisfaction and feeling of wellness that surrounds you when your skin glows. Depending on your age and time, you must increase taking care of your skin. Discover 7 easy tips on how to maintain a healthy skin.


‘Water, water, water!  That is a therapy! Drink plenty of fresh water every day. There is nothing alternative to water in regard to maintaining your skin. Never allow your body to feel dehydrated. Dehydration or loss of water makes your skin look gloomy, loose and flaky. You don’t want that, do you? So don’t feel lazy, take a lot of fresh clean water for healthy skin.

water rejuvenates Skin

Drink Water for Healthy Skin

2.Eat Antioxidant-Rich Food

Try to eat foods that have high antioxidants.  Antioxidants are chemicals in food that slows down or prevents cell damage. The foods having with antioxidants are a great source that can fight against your age spot on the skin. It also tries to reduce inflammation from the skin. A healthy skin that glows is the result.  The vegetables and fruits with plenty of antioxidants and commonly available are:

  • Spinach
  • All kinds of berries
  • Seeds
  • Apples
  • Purple grapes
  • Beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Prunes
  • Nuts
  • Organic green tea and so on
berries 2

Berries are Good Source of Antioxidants

Mixed Nuts

Nuts lower Cholesterol









3. Choose the Rainbow-colored Vegetables

Try to take different types of foods. Colored foods like vegetables and herbs contain vitamins. You must take and consume a lot of foods of different colors. This will help your skin to fight against ultra-violet radiation and fight off the radicals. Carefully, look into what the color that you have not taken today. Take it now and try to do it on every day.

rainbow veg pg

Rainbow colored vegetables are good for healthy skin

4. Organic Foods Help Your Skin

The organic foods can help your skin to be healthy and fresh. It is out of any chemicals and side effects. Foods of an organic origin and not health hazards and can  maintain your skin. A diet plan with known food values and nutrients that give a glow to the skin is one of the easiest to maintain your skin.

5. Avoid Sunburn

Try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Especially, try not to go out between 12 Noon to 2 pm. The ultraviolet radiation is the strongest at this time and can be harmful to your skin.Use an umbrella, hat or good sunscreen to protect from sunburn.


A hat saves you from sunburn

6. Avoid Chemical Skin Products

Chemicals are very harmful to your skin. Try to avoid chemicals makeup or ingredients containing harmful ingredients. Read the label before buying a new product. Do some research on the chemicals added before you apply to your skin.

7. Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products used fro washing dishes and crockeries has hard chemicals. If you have to use strong detergents, use hand gloves. Wash your hands with soft soap and apply lemon juice to revive you healthy skin. It is suggested to use non-toxic cleaning products for dishwashing or washing clothes.

Other Tips

The following tips are just some extra points to take care of that will help you to maintain a healthy skin.

  • Take food with vitamin C
  • Avoid sweetened food as much as possible
  • Eat fats  that are healthy for your skin
  • Clean your skin every day
  • Do some physical indoor and outdoor activities
  • Sleep well, 7-8 hours per day.
  • Practice physical exercise
  • Keep yourself happy

Maintaining a healthy skin is not a time demanding task.All you need is a little. consciousness and awareness. Take 20 minutes of your time take a clean bath, wash your body, hands, legs and face with soft soap and use a freshening day or night cream. It will make your skin look healthy and glossy. plus the confidence! A refreshing healthy skin will surely bring joy and happiness.


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